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Post-construction cleaning is generally done to new or renovated buildings and the importance of such activity should never be underestimated. This is simply because post-construction cleaning is an essential part of any construction job. While a  construction contractor may do a general cleaning of debris, detailed cleaning is not part of their job and so the services of a professional cleaning company may be required. The kind of cleaning that these professional companies do encompasses the entire facility, from the ceiling to the floor.


It is of great importance that thorough cleaning is done post-construction in order to ensure that the homeowners/ occupants of the property are safe. Dust can be such a nuisance and may affect one’s ability to breathe and so the property must be cleansed of the same. Sharp, dangerous items such as nails and glass must not be left behind. This is because should someone step on it accidentally, the pain and agony will be great as well as the lawsuit.

Diamond Glow Cleaning Atlanta is a professional cleaning company located in Atlanta. We specialize in post-construction cleaning and have the right skills, expertise, and equipment to execute the job properly. Furthermore, we always aim to deliver results that are of the highest quality. When we have completed the post-construction cleaning job, you can be assured that the property will be ready to be occupied. This is because both the interior and exterior would have been completely cleaned.  The team is also armed with a wealth of knowledge gained from weekly training seminars as well as the requisite experience to get the job done in a professional way. They know where needs the most attention and they will ensure that no smudge will be left behind.



They came, and cleaned my home and it was spotless. They on were time, fast, and thoroughly cleaned everything I requested at a fair price. I was very impressed with the service, and most definitely will use them for all my cleaning needs.


We use them at our church. Overall they do a pretty good job cleaning. Very professional and friendly.


Great Service they did a great job cleaning the store and making it look brand new! It's worth every penny.

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