Cleaning Services to Prevent the Spread of Harmful Pathogens

Maintaining a clean, healthy home is much more manageable with a fresh start. The professionals at Diamond Glow Cleaning Atlanta will get you that starting point. Specially selected cleaning products, along with elbow grease and experience, guarantee a sanitary work or living environment. We strictly follow health and safety guidelines and promote common rules for staying well in times of widespread illness.

Why is Diamond Glow Cleaning Atlanta So Effective at Disinfection Services?

  • Focus in on common contamination hot spots (door handles, countertops, handrails)

  • Gets into hard-to-clean- spots (keyboards, remotes, faucets)

  • Utilizes EPA recommended products to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

  • We do not cut corners

We know how unpredictable life can be, and offer flexible scheduling that best suits you.  We are available for regular cleaning services and offer free estimates. If you’re looking for a service that guarantees unmatched sanitation and cleanliness, 

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